1 Introduction
1.1 What is CppCC?
1.2 About this document

2 How it works
3 The CppCC input grammar file
3.1 The options section
3.2 The token customization section
3.3 The lexical section
3.4 The syntax section
3.5 Error recovery

4 Overview of the generated code
4.1 The token class' sources
4.2 The scanner class' sources
4.3 The parser class' sources

A. Using the profile based optimization feature
A..1 Rationale
A..2 How to create and use the profile information.
A..3 Statistical results

B. Complete CppCC grammar
B..1 The CppCC input lexical structure
B..2 The CppCC input syntax

C. CppCC commad line syntax
D. GNU Free Documentation License
Applicability and Definitions
Verbatim Copying
Copying in Quantity
Combining Documents
Collections of Documents
Aggregation With Independent Works
Future Revisions of This License
ADDENDUM: How to use this License for your documents

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