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CLINK void IEbnfNodeBuilder_setLookahead (void *node, void *la)
CLINK void IEbnfNodeBuilder_setCatchClauses (void *node, CwCatchClauseList cl)
CLINK void IEbnfNodeBuilder_setStartCode (void *node, char *startCode, int force)
CLINK void IEbnfNodeBuilder_setEndCode (void *node, char *endCode, int force)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createOrNode (void *pre, void *post)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createCatNode (void *pre, void *post)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createPlusNode (void *in)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createStarNode (void *in)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createOptionalNode (void *in)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createNonterminalNode (char *targetVar, int targetVarLine, char *nontermId, char *actualArgs, int actualArgsLine)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createTerminalNode (char *termId)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createLaSpec (int fixedLa, void *synLa, char *semLa)
CLINK void* IEbnfNodeBuilder_createCatchClause (char *exceptionDecl, int edLine, char *code)


IEbnfNodeBuildercw_ebnfNodeBuilder = NULL

Function Documentation

CLINK void IEbnfNodeBuilder_setLookahead ( void * node,
void * la )

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CLINK void IEbnfNodeBuilder_setCatchClauses ( void * node,
CwCatchClauseList cl )

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CLINK void IEbnfNodeBuilder_setStartCode ( void * node,
char * startCode,
int force )

Definition at line 79 of file

CLINK void IEbnfNodeBuilder_setEndCode ( void * node,
char * endCode,
int force )

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CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createOrNode ( void * pre,
void * post )

Definition at line 103 of file

CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createCatNode ( void * pre,
void * post )

Definition at line 115 of file

CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createPlusNode ( void * in )

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CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createStarNode ( void * in )

Definition at line 138 of file

CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createOptionalNode ( void * in )

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CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createNonterminalNode ( char * targetVar,
int targetVarLine,
char * nontermId,
char * actualArgs,
int actualArgsLine )

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CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createTerminalNode ( char * termId )

Definition at line 180 of file

CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createLaSpec ( int fixedla,
void * synLa,
char * semLa )

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CLINK void * IEbnfNodeBuilder_createCatchClause ( char * exceptionDecl,
int edLine,
char * code )

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Variable Documentation

IEbnfNodeBuilder * cw_ebnfNodeBuilder = NULL

This will point to the instance of the IEbnfNodeBuilder whose methods should actually be called from the parser's C code. It is initialized by the LexYaccParser before teh parsing process starts.

Definition at line 51 of file

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