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IParser C Wrapper


CLINK void IParserSpec_addProduction (char *name, char *retTypeName, int lineTypeLine, char *formalArgs, int lineArgsLine, char *exceptList, int exceptListLine, char *preambleCode, int preambleCodeLine, void *expansion)
CLINK void IParserSpec_setPreambleCode (char *block)
CLINK void IParserSpec_setClassName (char *className)
CLINK void IParserSpec_setInheritance (char *inheritance)
CLINK void IParserSpec_addCodeBlock (char *block)



Detailed Description

these are te wrapper functions that get called from the C parser code. Each of these functions will call the corresponding method of the IParserSpec instance pointed to by cw_parserSpec.

Eaach parameter is transformed into its C++ counterpart. The Position argument required by the IParserSpec interface is created as Position(yylineno, 0). The rest of the linNo arguments are the yylinno's corresponding to each component of the production.

Function Documentation

CLINK void IParserSpec_addProduction ( char * name,
char * retTypeName,
int lineTypeLine,
char * formalArgs,
int lineArgsLine,
char * exceptList,
int exceptListLine,
char * preambleCode,
int preambleCodeLine,
void * expansion )

Definition at line 50 of file

Referenced by yyparse().

CLINK void IParserSpec_setPreambleCode ( char * block )

Definition at line 86 of file

Referenced by yyparse().

CLINK void IParserSpec_setClassName ( char * className )

Definition at line 94 of file

Referenced by yyparse().

CLINK void IParserSpec_setInheritance ( char * inheritance )

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Referenced by yyparse().

CLINK void IParserSpec_addCodeBlock ( char * block )

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Referenced by yyparse().

Variable Documentation

IParserSpec* cw_parserSpec

This will point to the IParserSpec object whose methods should actually be called by the wrapper functions. It is initialized by the LexYaccParser before parsing starts.

Definition at line 53 of file cw_iparser_spec.h.

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